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What's Next in Education, Training and Skills Development

The Learning & Training Conference 2020, focuses on three key learning sectors:

Online Learning Conference | Post Secondary
Online Learning Conference | Secondary
Learning & Development Conference | L&D Professionals

Each learning sector will explore issues under four conference tracks:

  • The Skills Challenge and Lifelong Learning for Skills
    What should we be teaching? What is it that learners need to learn? How do we develop the skills and competencies we need for our communities, our work, our families and ourselves?

  • Emerging Technologies for Engaged Learning
    What technologies – old, new and emerging – can enable innovations in learning and produce better learning outcomes?

  • New Partnerships for Learning 
    How can partnerships, alliances and networks enable engaged learning and improved learning outcomes?

  • Recognizing New Pathways and Accredited Learning
    What new routes to certificates, diplomas, degrees, accredited learning are emerging and how will these help to transform the learning landscape?

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