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Learning & Development Conference | L&D Professionals

For L&D professionals involved with organizational learning and training.

As we start a new decade of technology-enabled learning that influences how and where we learn, the 2020 Conference will help L&D professionals explore what is possible in the emerging world of training, development and online learning.

Four Conference tracks will be explored in depth over the two-day event:

  • The Skills Challenge and Lifelong Learning for Skills

  • Emerging Technologies for Engaged Learning

  • New Partnerships for Learning

  • Recognizing New Pathways and Accredited Learning

Four keynotes will be held at the start and end of each day:

  • Learning and The Future of Work – What Needs to Happen in the 2020s?

  • 5G and The Technologies of 2020 – Get Ready for A New World

  • Designing and Delivering Authentic Learning for the 2020s

  • Creating Powerful and Effective Learning on Demand

For Corporate Learning & Professional Development Professionals (Learning & Development Conference)

The Skills Challenge

  • What are the skills, competencies and capabilities you are developing now that are new for the 2020s?

  • How are you creating opportunities for your colleagues to upskill and enhance their skills?

  • What approaches are you taking to enable learning to be a strategic investment – a part of your competitive advantage?

  • How are you developing leadership to manage change and transition? What are the leadership skills you see as critical?

Technology Opportunities

  • What’s new in the way you are leveraging technologies to enable learning and skills development?

  • What are you seeing as the “next step” in your use of technology — artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, gamification, simulation, video-based assessment?

  • How are you using analytics to shape your assessment of learning investments and outcomes?

  • How are you managing the privacy concerns and cybersecurity concerns that accompany the growth of technology-enhanced learning?

New Partnerships for Learning

  • Who are you partnering with to create effective and authentic learning for your colleagues?

  • What collaboration across your profession or industry are you engaged with, and how do these support your learning needs?

  • What partnerships are working, what did not work and what can we learn from your partnership journey?

  • How are you leveraging global and social networks to support learning in your organization?

New Pathways and Credentials

  • Are badges and micro-credentials a part of your strategy to encourage and enable learning in your organization? If so, what have you learned about this work that others need to know?

  • Are you using competency-based learning assessment as part of your learning strategy?

  • How are you tracking the learning activities of your colleagues?

  • How do you assess the learning development needs of your colleagues and then create a learning pathway with and for them?

These are just some of the questions that we would like to explore. You have others. Come and share your experiences, your challenges and your learning. Network with others and explore what is possible. Find out how you and your organization can thrive in this emerging world of learning. This focused time will be powerful — full of ideas, practical examples and new ways of working that will help you think about what you can do to make learning effective, authentic, engaging and valuable. Come and share your experience and join in this powerful exploration of the future of online and blended learning.

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